Lombok, Indonesia

We made our second trip to Indonesia in late 2015. The destination this time was Lombok, a lesser known gem of an island than its famous counterpart, Bali. Lombok is situated right next to Bali. You can either fly there straight or take a ferry from Bali if you’re traveling from there.

Based on our 4-day stay at Lombok, we find this island much more mesmerizing than Bali, mainly due to its smaller crowd (or none at all at times) and the less commercialized settings (less buildings, less noise, more nature). So if you’re looking for a place to relax or a romantic getaway, you may prefer this to Bali!

Accommodation: Sunset House Lombok

Sunset House Lombok is a small resort by Senggigi beach. It is a beachfront resort with a portion of private beach just right at the doorstep of the resort cafe. The whole of Senggigi beach is accessible from the resort, so beachfront food and activities are all at walking distances.

Lunch before checking in to hotel, authentic Lombok food right here!
Private beach just right behind the hotel restaurant
Black, soft sands on the beach. Nice waves too!
When sunset kicked in

La Chill Bar

We walked over to La Chill Bar for dinner, which is just next to the hotel along the beach. They serve both local and western cuisine for meals, and have beanies as chairs on the beach itself. A perfect place for a dinner with sunset.

Dinner with sunset
Pizza and drinks at La Chill Bar
Beanies are provided on the beach for customers

Driving around Senggigi & Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep waterfall is a famous waterfall in Lombok hidden in the jungle near Senggigi. While driving around the Senggigi area towards the waterfall, there are several viewpoints for picturesque moments, so do look out for them. If you’re engaging a tour guide, just let them know that you’d like to stop at the viewpoints for photos.

The waterfall involves a short trek into the jungle (easy trek, around 30 to 45 minutes). Do bring an extra change of clothes because you’ll be tempted to take a dip in the natural pool beneath the waterfall.

A contrast of blue vs green – taken from the viewpoints along the road
These clear blue waters are all around Lombok island
Plantations are common in Lombok
Lunch at the entrance before the trek to the waterfall
Tiu Kelep waterfall, visible from afar during the trek
The whole waterfall in full view
Dinner back at the hotel restaurant

Gili Air

The Gili islands are one of the main attractions in Lombok. There are 3 Gili islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Trawangan is the most happening and party-esque island, with plenty of activities and facilities available. Gili Meno is a quiet island for relaxation, while Gili Air is said to be somewhere in between the former two, with some facilities and restaurants around, but not too much partying or activities.

We opted for Gili Air, as we weren’t big fans of crowds and parties (but do choose your island according to your preference!). You can also do an island hopping of all three islands, but that would also mean limited time on each, as the boat travels are quite time-consuming.

There are two types of boats you can take to the islands – private chartered boats or the public boats. To take the public boats, you’ll either need to engage a tour guide to help you get tickets and to get on them, or to know some Indonesian language, as the ticket sales and proceedings to the boats are all done in the local language. These public boats are much cheaper compared to the private-chartered boats, which can charge up to 10 times the price in USD. Do remember to ask for the time for the last boat leaving the island!

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant before leaving
The beach at Gili Air island – quiet, calm, and peaceful
Lunch in the huts by the beach
They also have horse carriages to carry you around the island!

We had dinner back in Senggigi at Lotus Bayview restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is Italian and they serve Italian and general western cuisine. The food was great albeit a bit pricey.

On the final day, we had a nice brunch at Temptations bakery and cafe right across the hotel, just under 5 minutes walking distance, before heading off.

Dinner at Lotus Bayview Restarant
Cake for brunch at Temptations Bakery & Cafe
Burgers are also served at Temptations Bakery

Been to Lombok? Interested in going there?

Share your experiences and opinions in the comments below!

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