Ijen-Bromo-Bali, Indonesia (Part 2)

After the two hikes at Ijen and Bromo, we left Surabaya for a comparatively relaxed part two of our trip to Bali. We took a Garuda Indonesia flight in the morning.

Simple breakfast served in-flight, saved us the hassle of food hunting early in the morning

We headed to check into our hotel right after arriving at the airport. A note to any of you taking cabs or rides from the airport – please decline any offers from the drivers to bring you to detours for souvenir shopping or for meals, they usually bring you to secluded places (or less known places) where they get paid for every customer they bring.

For our two nights in Bali, we stayed at Alindra Villa resort, which in my opinion is a highly recommendable place for a stay in Bali. The resort is not by the beach, so the price is less steep compared to its seaside counterparts. If you don’t mind taking a break from the waters and staying in the serene greens, this could be the perfect resort for you!

A quick glance at the villas and grounds around the resort
The fresh water pool (no chlorine added!)
Jacuzzi (2 of them) for use of guests. The resort isn’t big, so there aren’t a lot of guests, making these Jacuzzi’s never crowded. In fact, most of the time they were empty – like private Jacuzzi’s!
They also serve pre-ordered breakfast to your room balcony – just wake up and breakfast is there!

Nusa Dua Beach

The first thing to do in Bali is of course to go to the beach! We chose Nusa Dua beach rather than the more commercialized Kuta Beach or Dreamland in favor for a more quiet and peaceful time by the sea. We did not plan to do any watersports either, so the beach at Nusa Dua was perfect for a quiet evening out.

The crowd was minimal, with lush of greens still very much present in these areas
Calm and peaceful ocean waters along the beach. Perfect for swimming and strolling, not for water sports or surfing though.

Taman Ayun

We started the next day in Bali with a morning visit to Taman Ayun, a temple cum palace. The place was huge, with classic and delicate structures around the royal ground providing a nice morning walk around.

Huts around the garden
Magnificent structures of temples and pillars around the garden
A garden perfect for strolls. It is said to be the place where the royal princes walk their wives in the past.
Some statue carving in action
Huge areas of greens around the garden, a refreshing view away from the hustling city life.

Coffee Plantation

We continued to visit a nearby coffee plantation, where we purchased some local made coffee and tea powder packs.

Traditional coffee making
Coffee beans, seeds, spices, and all the etc’s us city kids wouldn’t know
The apparent effect of the ginseng coffee for men..


We proceeded to visit the Bedugul village and temple, which for me was the cream of the crop out of the day’s visits. The village was at a high altitude, so the weather was cool with breezes every now and then. The place was also huge, anyone can easily spend over an hour here.

Lunch right opposite the entrance to Bedugul village. Great place for a meal. Note: the strawberry juice contained 100% strawberries!
The village and its backdrop mountains provided the view for our meal.
Bedugul village boasts a symphony of water and greenery
Even the temples seem at peace
Peace and tranquility. This place defines meditation
Even fishermen can’t get too mad with bad catches in this atmosphere

Tanah Lot

As we reached late afternoon, we visited the most famous temple in Bali – Tanah Lot. True enough, the crowd at Tanah Lot was larger than any other places we visited prior to this. We didn’t manage to catch the sunset as rain clouds covered the area, and it started pouring some 30 minutes into our visit.

The cloudy skies brings a different feel to Tanah Lot
Crowds outside the cave where the sacred snake resides

Jimbaran Beach

We ended the day with a dinner at Jimbaran beach. This place is known for its fresh seafood, with a whole row of restaurants for you to choose from. Some restaurants can charge quite a high price, so do watch out. The best restaurant is known to be Menega, based on internet reviews and judging from the crowd outside the restaurant. Due to the crowd, we had our dinner at the second-best thing – Made Bagus Cafe. The price of the food weren’t steep and we left with satisfied tummies.

Candle-lit tables along the whole of Jimbaran Beach
Seafood dinner for two at Made Bagus Cafe
Huge crowds feasting on seafood at Jimbaran Bay

Been to Bali? Have opinions to share? Leave some comments below!

See Part 1 here!

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